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Xrex was born in Rolla Missouri. Lived in Athens, Patra Greece, York U.K. and The Hague the Netherlands so far... A similar pattern emerged from his involvement with music moving through various styles, instruments and aesthetics. Rock, pop, jazz and finally electronic music.
Studied classical piano, agriculture, music technology and sonology. Works as a composer and sound designer for films.

Xrex is Greg Grigoropoulos is Peripatitis.

He is interested in sound as artistic expression devoid of function. The liberation of sound from rules imposed by the 'deaf' composer. The idea that a composers work ends with the creation of sound and it's 'natural' habitat to interact, evolve and manifest itself.

Everything else comes from the audience.

He has written music for the films:

CD_ToKako Evil (Το Κακό)
by Yorgos Noussias
CD_ToKako Evil: In the Time of Heroes
(Το Κακό: Στην Εποχή των Ηρώων)

by Yorgos Noussias
CD_ToKako Harisma
by Christina Ioakeimidi
CD_ToKako Eight-minute Deadline
a short film by Zina Papadopoulou
and Petros Papadopoulos