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Grigoris Grigoropoulos is a Greek Composer and Sound Designer.
He has studied Sonology in the Royal Conservatoire, the Hague and took his MPhil in Music Composition at the University of Birmingham.

He is interested in creating aural spaces, illuminated by sound.

He has written music for the films:

CD_ToKako Split Apart
Short film
CD_ToKako 59 Days
Short animation
CD_ToKako Evil (Το Κακό)
by Yorgos Noussias
CD_ToKako Evil: In the Time of Heroes
(Το Κακό: Στην Εποχή των Ηρώων)

by Yorgos Noussias
CD_ToKako Harisma
by Christina Ioakeimidi
CD_ToKako Eight-minute Deadline
Short film